After You Report

What You Should Know

A report of misconduct can be made through the web portal, email, phone, or in-person to the Title IX Compliance Office.  There is no specific language that needs to be used to notify our office about potential misconduct in the university community.

Making a report does not require an individual to move forward with an investigation – it does provide our Office with the opportunity to offer support and information so that the individual can make a safe and informed choice on how they might wish to proceed.

What Happens After I Report? After a report is made the university Title IX Coordinator will contact the person who made the report and the person who is reported to have been harmed to follow up with them and provide support. The Title IX Coordinator will listen to everything that those individuals have to say.

What if I Am Unavailable When They Call? The Title IX Coordinator will speak with you at a time that you identify. If you are unable to talk when they call, you can set up a time that is ideal for your schedule and they will contact you then. In thinking about the call, you may want to consider your location and whether you are in a space that you feel comfortable speaking freely about the incident. Our Office is here for you. You can always come and discuss this in person if you prefer, the choice is always yours.

What Will We Discuss? During this call, you will be able to share details of the incident and ask any questions you may have. The Title IX Coordinator will listen to everything that you have to say and then they will provide information on all your options for reporting and resolutions. They will also talk with you about resources that are available to provide further support.

What if I Want Someone There With Me? If you would feel more comfortable having someone there to support you during this conversation, that is your right. Please introduce them to the Title IX Coordinator so they are aware of their role in supporting you.

What if I Change My Mind?  Making a report does not require you to move forward with an investigation. If you decide, at any point, that you do not want to move forward with the process, that is your right. You always have the support of our Office. We are here for you.