Reporting to Law Enforcement

What You Should Know

Reporting to Law Enforcement. If you are seeking criminal penalties, you should file a report with the relevant law enforcement agency. A criminal investigation undertaken by law enforcement seeks to determine whether an individual violated criminal law. An individual who is found guilty of such a crime following a law enforcement investigation and trial my be imprisoned.


Which Law Enforcement Department Should I Call?
  • For all emergencies, on or off-campus, Dial 911
  • For non-emergencies on campus, contact the UF Police Department at (352) 392 1111
  • For non-emergencies off campus, but within Gainesville/Alachua call (352) 955 1818


Reporting to Law Enforcement and the Title IX Coordinator: What’s the Difference? An individual may choose to make a report to the University and may also choose to make a report to law enforcement. They may pursue either or both of these options at the same time. They may also choose to report to neither the University nor to law enforcement.

The University process is independent of the law enforcement or criminal process and the two systems do not communicate. Therefore, anyone desiring to seek a criminal process must file a report with law enforcement.