Campus Partner Training

What You Should Know

Campus partners provide a variety of training and education on topics that relate to or intersect with violence prevention and gender equity. Below is a listing of available campus partner offerings for students and employees.


Green Dot Gators

Join the movement and put your dot on the map. Learn about the 3 D’s of Bystander Intervention and cultivate a norm of intolerance to violence.

Green Dot Gators


Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC)

The Counseling and Wellness Center offers a variety of workshops that provide the opportunity for students to learn new skills to strengthen personal resilience, develop healthy self-care habits, and grow their mental health awareness. The CWC offers several workshops on healthy relationships that cover topics dating, intimacy, conflict and arguing, and breakups and healing.

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Kognito Training

Kognito is a free online training simulation course to learn effective techniques to help and refer. The UF Counseling and Wellness Center offers a free online resource, Kognito, to help you notice when students show signs of stress, learn how to talk about these signs, practice sharing your concerns, and learn how to motivate them to seek help.

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GatorWell Workshops

GatorWell offers skill-based presentations regarding bystander intervention and other interpersonal violence topics. Request a GatorWell staff member to present on a health topic for a student organization, class, or other student events.

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University Police Department

SAFE Program

The S.A.F.E. (Self-Defense Awareness and Familiarization Exchange) program is taught by a nationally certified instructor who is dedicated to help members of our community become more aware of and better familiar with basic self-defense concepts. The course is a 2-hour class geared toward adult and teenage women. The class starts with a short introduction video, then progresses into a 1 1/2 hour physical self-defense familiarization presentation.


Rape Aggression Defense, known as R.A.D., is a self-defense program designed specifically for women. The R.A.D. approach to personal safety begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and risk avoidance, and progresses to hands-on physical defense techniques.

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