Student Accommodations

What You Should Know

What Accommodations are Available? Students will be provided reasonable accommodations based upon their pregnancy and parenting related needs. Specific accommodations will vary from student to student. Some examples of accommodations may include:

  • Allowing breaks during class, as needed.
  • Permitting temporary faculty/staff parking.
  • Rescheduling tests or exams.
  • Excusing absences due to pregnancy or related conditions.
  • Providing alternatives to make up missed work.
  • Permitting a reasonable time for nursing and access to lactation spaces.
  • Allowing excused absences for parenting students (both male and female) who need to take their children to medical appointments or to take care of their sick children.


How to Request. Use the button below to submit an email request for accommodation to the Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity. Please make sure to include your contact information in the request. The Title IX Coordinator or their designee will contact you to follow up on your request.