uSafeUS App

What You Should Know

uSafeUS® is a free, confidential app that helps protect yourself and your community, both on and off-campus.

Download and select UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA for immediate access to quick-and-easy tools that help you quickly leave uncomfortable situations, and find guidance and support in the aftermath of sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking.

  • Fake a call or text from someone on your contact list (without ever notifying them)
  • Automatically text up to 3 friends to follow-up with you if you don’t arrive when expected, and allow them to briefly track you via GPS with your permission
  • Get help from a bartender or wait staff with an SOS disguised as a drink recipe
  • Find answers to questions around sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking that you may not feel comfortable asking out loud
  • Find out more about your options for reporting and care following an incident

Download for free from the App Store or Google Play today.

Select UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA and get access to tools and information right on your phone.


This video provides a brief and thorough overview of uSafeUS features and resources, as performed by the student acting troupe UNH WildAct